Shota has passed away

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I just heard these horrible horrible news and I still can’t completely understand what has happened.
Shota, guitarist of the duo ADAMS is dead.

In work, I’ve spent some time with him off stage and found him as a very intelligent, driven and kind man.

Shota got a stroke during ADAMS’ concert in Warsaw the other day. It happened on stage but driven as he is, he kept singing while collapsing. 36 hours later he was gone.

Adam has posted a message on Facebook to their fans in which he explains what happened and honor Shota for that ambitious and charming artist that he was:

“Eves & 関係者皆様へ
11月30日am5:19頃 横山 章太(Shota)が脳卒中の為、永眠いたしました。
Shotaは11月28日 ポーランド、ワルシャワでのコンサート中にステージ上で倒れ36時間近く戦い続けましたが、僕たちから遠い所へ逝ってしまいました。
僕たちのデビューシングルDizzy loveを歌いながらマイクを持ったまま彼は倒れました。






My thoughts and loves goes to all people close to him, especially his family in every aspect. And of course to Adam.

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the GazettE – 13th Anniversary Live & NEW ALBUM RELEASE (personal)

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Today we went to Kudanshita and Nippon Budokan to see the GazettE – 13 anniversary live!

the GazettE

There was a lot of people of course, and outside the arena they sold merchandice and held an exhibition. The goods were sold out early… when I reached the booth, almost half of the stuff was gone. Oh yes… I bough a scarf also… but it’s not in the picture.


There was a message board where all fans could write a message to the band…


People could pose with an instrument from any member and get photographed. These girls are posing on Ruki’s… box? I don’t know what to call it…IMG_5726
Big, big photos of the GazettE members…

When we finally got into the venue, we realised that we had been granted awesome seats, just in front of the stage on the FIFTH ROW! *so lucky*

This was my sixth time to see the…

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