Panacea #1: 5 On A Joyride – Cody Chesnutt

I suddenly came accross this song while watching “Running Man” and was addicted to it immediately. With the calm, romantic and antique tunes, I’m sure that this old folk will gently drives you to sleep.

So, hope you enjoy listening to it.


Song: 5 On A Joyride 

Performed by: Cody Chesnutt 

Sitting here thinking about yesterday,
How we shared a laugh and played,
How we celebrated all my good news.
Just me and you.
Black boy sits behind the cage,
Amongst so many friends, in his days,
His true purpose is to show the world its truth, to his big ideas,
And some dont say another word,
He says and smiles: come along for the ride.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, so many friends,
Come along for the ride.
And after you can breahe,
Say the first thing on your mind,
You’ll feel so satisfied.
Come along for the ride.
On a joyride.

Friday’s giving birth to saturday,
And sunday’s left behind, we’ve sinned,
We’ve been born again, on our way to them,
If we ever make it there,
So many pretty lies, in my eyes,
Come along for the ride.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, so many friends.
And to the weekend, jsut before the swinger and the big boy, becomes history, come along for the ride.
Come along for the ride,
Come along for the joy ride.